Our philosophy

Our clients need to build stong bridges with their audiences, to create genuine, dense and long-lasting relationships.
Their message should not be simply heard or understood, it needs to be LIVED.
Our goal is to imagine and produce the experiences that each audience (mainstream, professionals, employees, influencers, consumers…) will make their own, talk about and take pride in.
More than RP buzz, we aim at generating crushes, rich and sustainable connections.

Our signature

No matter the size or type of your target, we endeavour to make them live the most original and entertaining experiences and to keep our promise: create moments that matter.
This magic works only because the teams of Une Agence Americaine cultivate passion, creation and perfection in their execution.
But rather than words, you can see our actions here.

Moment that matter ?

Yes, Une Agence Américaine creates red-letter-day moments:
For the audience, when a young man proudly presents us his collection of AXE BOAT passes.
For the clients, when a global corporation such as Ubisoft has renewed its trust in us for 7 years and more than 20 launches of their cult franchises.
For us, when each experience impacts the walls of the agency through our art toys collection.

Oh… right! We hadn’t told you…

We are so attached to our collaborations that each of them is symbolized by an art toy that joins our « wall of fame ».
This wall is growing with us, with our history, our experiences… and boy do we love that!!